Learn & Take Action

Want to learn more? There are many ways to learn and take action for zero waste! 
Consider engaging in zero waste intiatives on the consumer, community or collective level.  


Individual action is important! Here are some resources to help you make informed zero waste choices as a consumer:


Group of people speak on a panel.

There are many ways that go beyond individual action to reduce waste and build community connection.



Working together we can change the entire system! Get involved in changing local, state, and federal laws to prevent waste: 

First! Use this link to find your elected officials.

Email, write or call your local officials and tell them why you care about zero waste.
Below is a template to help get you started. Don’t be shy, your representatives are waiting to hear from you.

Hi Representative _______________  ,

My name is _____ , I am a (family member/service provider/advocate/community member) who lives in your district. I’m a strong supporter of zero waste and encourage you to be also! 

(Tell them why you care.  Examples:)

  • I’m concerned about climate change, and I know that consumption/waste/plastic packaging are big contributors.
  • I’m concerned about the inequitable impacts that waste has on our community.
  • I’m interested in seeing the state/city do more to encourage recycling and composting.
  • I’m concerned about the impacts of fossil fuel extraction, and know it’s directly linked to production of single-use plastic packaging. I hope you will support bills that address this issue, and  consider working with local experts on creating and bringing forward effective legislation. 

I hope you can support bills that support a zero waste future. (Examples:)

  • Make composting more accessible for multi-family/apartment buildings
  • Implementing plastic bag bans or fees that incentive plastics reduction
  • Right-to-repair bills that make sure the things we use can be repaired affordably

I know there are many legislators working on Zero Waste issues like this…

(Make sure you thank them for their time and leave them your name and contact info.)