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A Comparative Analysis Of Applied Recycling Collection Methods in Saint Paul

Eureka Recycling partnered with the City of Saint Paul to study and improve the city’s curbside recycling program.

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A–Z Food Storage Guide

Try these tips and tools to store your food properly, helping you save money and reduce waste.

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Development of Best Practices in Public Space Recycling

Eureka partnered with the City of Saint Paul to learn what it takes to implement an authentic recycling program in public spaces.

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Food Storage Tips — Quick Reference

Avoid food waste by following these handy storage tips, which you can print to use at home.

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Saint Paul Environmental Roundtable Report

Eureka Recycling convened the Saint Paul Environmental Roundtable to set policy goals on zero waste, clean energy, and more.

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Exploring Multifamily Recycling: Tools for the Voyage

This toolkit is designed for recycling coordinators who manage all or part of a community’s multifamily recycling program.

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