Saint Paul Environmental Roundtable Report

The Saint Paul Environmental Roundtable is a model of collaborative environmental planning designed to provide an effective way of gaining valuable citizen participation in policy creation. The Roundtable, made up of volunteers from throughout Saint Paul, was formed in 2005. The work of the Environmental Roundtable culminated in the passage of a Saint Paul City Council resolution on April 19, 2006, commemorating the 36th anniversary of Earth Day. The resolution helped to set Saint Paul’s policy direction on six environmental issues: zero waste, food systems, cleaner energy, green building, open space and water stewardship.

Eureka Recycling convened the Roundtable in response to community interest and questions on a variety of citywide environmental issues.

Executive Summary & Recommendations presented to Mayor Coleman, the Saint Paul City Council, and Sustainable Saint Paul on April 19, 2006.

Download the Saint Paul Environmental Roundtable Executive Summary & Recommendations