Zero Waste Summit 2016 Videos

Watch videos of the 2016 Zero Waste Summit, held on October 22, 2016.

Session 1:

  • Welcome Comments, Leadership
  • Bryant Williams, Rebuilding Exchange
  • Ginny Black, MN Composting Council
  • Thomas Ebert, Northeast Minneapolis Tool Library
  • Melanie Stovall, Craig Johnson, AIGA


Session 2:

  • Jayanthi, Reflection Song
  • Sharonda Williams-Tack, Sierra Club
  • Timothy DenHerder-Thomas, Cooperative Energy Futures
  • Janiece Watts, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change
  • Dianna Kennedy, PlayItSafe Minneapolis


Session 3:

  • Destiny Watford, Free Your Voice
  • Greg Sawtell, United Workers
  • Allyson Green, Marisa Benasutti, Augsburg, Campus Kitchen
  • Cliff Martin, Northfield Curbside Composting
  • Erin Lavelle, Northern Spark
  • Frank Hornstein, State Representative, 61A
  • Keith Ellison, Congressman, Minnesota 5th District