Exploring Multifamily Recycling: Tools for the Voyage

This toolkit is designed for recycling coordinators who manage all or part of a community’s multifamily recycling program.We are aware that many communities in Minnesota do not have the staff resources and funding to invest significantly in their multifamily programs.To address that reality we have focused this toolkit on providing cost-effective methods for waste reduction and increased recycling recovery.

The research behind this toolkit includes a compilation and analysis of the best practices that Eureka Recycling has developed in the course of eighteen years of operating the city of Saint Paul’s multifamily recycling program. It includes all recent studies of multifamily recycling. It also includes surveys of and communications with the coordinators of multifamily recycling programs in cities across North America including Boston, San Mateo, New York City, Toronto, and many others. Using that research we identified common barriers, successful tools, and other current tools. Select focus groups and individuals gave their feedback on current outreach tools and methods before they were“street tested” in multifamily complexes over several months. Final modifications were then made to the tools you find here.

Report by Eureka Recycling, 2004.

Download the toolkit: Exploring Multifamily Recycling