U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar Visits Eureka!

Representative Ilhan Omar and other visitors pose with the Eureka team.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar visited Eureka Recycling Tuesday Augsut 13th  2019 to host a round-table discussion with Eureka and other community leaders, legislators, and organizations who are supportive of the recently introduced Zero Waste Act, a bill that would create a federal grant program to help local cities to invest in zero waste initiatives. The Zero Waste Act would create funding opportunities for recycling and composting initiatives around the country, working to reduce our dependence on landfills and incinerators that emit toxic pollution into our communities, especially in low income communities or communities of color.

“We can imagine a future where we prioritize people’s health, the environment, and justice, knowing our fates are tied together,” said Rep. Ilhan Omar. “Today, we need elected leaders to champion solutions that match the scope of the challenges we face. Addressing the waste crisis is critical to preventing further damage to our climate—it’s integral to racial justice and a clean, equitable future.”

Eureka is excited to see a Zero Waste bill being part of the discussion at the national level, and proud to be a part of its creation. You can read more about the Zero Waste Ave here, and read the official language of the here.

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