Eureka Recycling is a member of the Minnesota Zero Waste Coalition.
We work collectively with coalition members to build a larger movement that supports zero waste programs and policies.
Minnesota Zero Waste Coalition


The Minnesota Zero Waste Coalition is an alliance of Minnesota-based environmental organizations, environmental justice advocates, sustainable waste service providers, and community members committed to advancing a future for Minnesota without waste.

Our movement centers the voices and experiences of frontline communities, who are most negatively and directly impacted by the extraction of resources, production of goods, and disposal of waste. With equitable zero-waste solutions, more people will have access to clean air, fresh water, green jobs, and healthier neighborhoods.

We Stand for:

Environmental Justice: We prioritize Environmental Justice (EJ) and center EJ principles in our engagement, outreach, policy advocacy, and program development.

An Inclusive Movement: Everyone has a role to play in reducing waste and reaching Zero Waste. Organizations and individuals supporting our waste reduction goals, protecting precious resources, and environmental justice are welcome to join the movement.

Waste-Free World: We are committed to collectively advocating for policies and community programs that drive us towards a healthy, just, and waste-free world.

What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste is a movement to dismantle the systems that perpetuate our “throw-away culture” – extracting resources, excessive production and consumption, and discarding trash to be burned and buried in overburdened communities. A zero-waste future means we are reducing waste at the source, redesigning systems to support reuse, and conserving resources while promoting sustainability within our communities.

Engage With the Coalition

To contact us, email Lucy Mullany. For more information or to join the coalition, fill out our info form. To connect, follow us on instagram @MN4ZeroWaste

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