Lynn Hoffman Presents at Sustainability in Packaging US 2023

On March 8, Eureka Recycling’s Co-President Lynn Hoffman delivered a presentation on the role of recycling in the circular economy as a part of the  Sustainability in Packaging US conference in Chicago, Illinois. In her talk, titled “Recycling: A Corner Stone of Circularity Infrastructure,” Lynn offered a behind-the-scenes look at materials recovery facilities (MRFs) and their significance in a circular economy system.

By receiving, sorting, and processing recyclable materials, MRFs like Eureka Recycling are an integral part of the circular economy. Lynn emphasized the importance of understanding how MRFs function and the latest technological innovations in sorting. By shedding light on the opportunities and limitations of these facilities, she aimed to provide a clearer picture of the recycling landscape for brands and retailers.

A key focus of the presentation was the role of value chain partners in ensuring recyclability in residential programs. Lynn urged brands and retailers to be aware of the system that their packaging and products enter and to take necessary steps to facilitate the return of these materials to the circular economy. This includes designing products with recycling in mind, selecting appropriate materials, and educating consumers about proper disposal.

As a mission-based recycler with the goal of a future with zero waste, education and advocacy are an important part of Eureka’s operations. Lynn’s presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the critical role of recycling in the circular economy. With a better understanding of the infrastructure that supports recycling, brands and retailers can make informed decisions to enable their packaging and products to contribute positively to the circular economy, ultimately reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

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