Eureka’s 2023 Guide to a Zero-Waste Holiday

Every year at Eureka Recycling, we see the increase in recyclable materials that come with the holidays. While we are happy that people are recycling their holiday waste, our Zero Waste mission aims for a higher standard – a world free of waste altogether. There are lots of things we can do to combat excess waste during the holiday season, but this year, we will focus on strategies to seamlessly weave reuse, recycle, and composting into our holiday celebrations, steering us towards a zero-waste season.
Mindful Gift Giving:
  • Opt for used items or experiences as gifts.
  • Wrap presents using recyclable paper or reusable fabric.
  • Save bows, ribbons, and gift bags for future use.
Thoughtful Gift Choices:
  • Give experiences like tickets to events or gift certificates to favorite restaurants.
  • Purchase and refinish secondhand items, including furniture or clothing.
  • Donate to a local food shelf or Toys for Tots in place of physical gifts.
Creative Wrapping Alternatives:
  • Traditional wrapping paper isn’t recyclable, so consider alternatives like newspaper, comics, fabric, or reusable materials.
  • Embrace creativity – include a kitchen dish towel as part of the gift and use it for wrapping.
  • Reuse boxes, paper, and holiday tins from past holidays, and pack them away for the next occasion.
Waste-Free Menu Planning:
  • Utilize tools like the Guestimator to plan meals (it’s amazing).
  • Cook only what you can consume and share extra food with guests.
  • Transform turkey, chicken, and ham leftovers into delicious soups.
  • Compost food scraps in backyard bins or explore local composting programs.
Ditch Disposable Items:
  • Say no to disposable plates, utensils, and plastic decorations.
  • When disposal is necessary, ensure it’s done correctly by referring to our Holiday Disposal Tips Chart or utilizing our What Can I Recycle? tool.
  • Check with your municipality for disposal of batteries, Christmas trees, or hazardous waste
Conscious Plastic Usage:
  • Minimize single-use plastic bottles; opt for alternatives like reusable containers.
  • If disposable serving ware is a must, choose BPI-certified, compostable options.
  • Say goodbye to single-use straws; invest in reusable, washable alternatives.
Dispose Wisely:

While the aim is zero waste, sometimes disposal is necessary. Refer to Eureka’s Holiday Disposal Tips Chart and our What Can I Recycle tool. And please, exercise caution with lithium batteries, extension cords, and holiday lights – follow proper disposal guidelines.

From all of us at Eureka, we wish you a joyous and zero-waste holiday season! May your celebrations be environmentally conscious and set the stage for a sustainable new year

Holiday Disposal Tips

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