Eureka Responds to the Pandemic in Star Tribune

Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, the Twin Cities, just like other metro areas, was largely shut down with many people working from home. Star Tribune journalist, Gail Rosenblum interviewed Co-Presidents Kate Davenport and Lynn Hoffman on the effects of the pandemic on consumption and waste as seen through the recycling lens.

With a 60% decrease in commercial tons collected and processed and a 10% increase residential tons, as well as many changes affecting the collections and sorting processes of recycling, Eureka had to react quickly and constantly to the changing effects of the pandemic.

Many employees at Eureka are essential workers and unable to work from home. Due to the hazardous nature of the work in both collecting and sorting materials, safety has always been a top priority. With increased mandatory hand washing and sanitizing, temperature checks, on-site mask mandates, and staggered lunch and break times, among other precautions, Eureka not only pivoted to respond but managed to stay nimble and resilient.

Read the full interview on the Star Tribune website.