Eureka Hosts AG Ellison Press Conference

In a significant move aimed at holding corporations accountable for false environmental claims, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison held a press conference on Tuesday, June 6th at Eureka Recycling to announce that he is filing a lawsuit against Reynolds Consumer Products, the parent company of Hefty Bags, and Walmart. The lawsuit alleges that the two companies have been misleading consumers through their marketing of “recycling” bags that, in reality, cannot be recycled in residential recycling programs within the state of Minnesota nor should they be used to collect and send recyclable materials to collection facilities.

At the press conference, Eureka Recycling Co-President Lynn Hoffman spoke about the complications and dangers that plastic bags pose to facilities like Eureka’s and gave AG Ellison a tour of the facility pointing out the specific places where plastic bags are the most problematic.

The heart of the lawsuit revolves around the marketing of so-called “recycling” bags. Often adorned with symbols and statements that suggest recyclability, these bags have been marketed as a convenient way to contain recyclables. However, the bags are not accepted in the majority of the state’s residential recycling programs, rendering their recycling claims inaccurate. In fact, when recycling materials come into recycling facilities in plastic bags, the whole bag and all its contents need to be thrown away.

The legal action taken by AG Ellison highlights the importance of transparent and accurate labeling, especially when it comes to environmental claims. Misleading consumers with false recycling claims can create distrust in recycling systems and can hinder genuine efforts to reduce waste and promote recycling and zero-waste initiatives. It is worth noting that the lawsuit filed by AG Ellison is specific to the state of Minnesota. However, the broader implications of the case extend beyond state lines. Instances of greenwashing are not isolated events, and consumers worldwide have become increasingly concerned about the authenticity of environmental claims made by companies. This lawsuit serves as a reminder that consumers deserve accurate information to make informed choices about their purchases, and education alone is not enough when consumers are faced with misleading marketing.

Read more about the challenges plastic bags pose to collection facilities like Eureka Recycling on Eureka’s blog and/or use this printable resource.

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