Eureka Featured in CNN Climate Series Docuseries

Eureka Recycling Featured on CNN

Lilly Geisler, a recent college grad in Muncie, Indiana, called CNN to find out where her recycling goes. Geisler goes through a rigorous process to recycle, and be able to recycle in her community, and wanted to make sure that all the work was actually worth it. Journalist, filmmaker, and CNN Contributor John Sutter, as part of his Climate Crisis Docuseries, set out to find answers for Geisler and understand more about plastic pollution and recycling.

After reaching a dead end with the recycling facility in Muncie, Sutter’s crew turned to Eureka Recycling to get answers from Co-Presidents Kate Davenport and Lynn Hoffman who gave context around the history of plastic recycling and the current plastic problem. 

View the full story and series on the CNN website.

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