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Preventing Wasted Food Video

Eureka Recycling shares some favorite tips and tools for preventing waste food.

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How to Make Sour Milk Pancakes

Instead of throwing that sour milk out, turn it into delicious pancakes!

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Wasted Food Tracking Sheet

Keep track of wasted food, and spot trends that can help you waste less, with this tracking worksheet.

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Use It Up Sign

Give yourself an extra reminder to prevent wasted food by adding this sign to an item in your fridge or pantry.

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Fridge, Pantry, and Freezer Inventory

Before you grocery shop again, determine what you really need by using these sheets to take an inventory of your fridge, pantry, and freezer.

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Recycling, Composting, and Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Minnesota

Eureka Recycling’s 2009 report outlines the environmental benefits of recycling and composting in Minnesota.

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