Our Team

Eureka Recycling employs more than 100 people. Our drivers have been unionized since 2010, and all employees, including sorters in the MRF, are paid a living wage with benefits (counter to standard practice in the industry). We are proud to have a passionate team of individuals dedicated to our mission. It is their hard work that makes any success we achieve possible.

Kate Davenport

Lynn Hoffman

Andy Byrne
Senior MRF Maintenance Manager

Jerry Byrne
Director of MRF Operations 

Michelle Carter
Manager of Customer Relations

David Castillo
PM MRF Maintenance Supervisor

Miriam Dominguez
Assistant Bilingual PM MRF Manager

Katie Drews
Senior Vice President

Sonya Ewert
Senior Manager of Strategy and Analytics

Heather Farmer
Accounting Manager 

Esther Fierro
MRF Line Supervisor

Kris Foner
Vice President of Human Resources

Michael Haga
Working Supervisor

Aryendis Gonzalez
Senior Generalist of Human Resources 

Lisa Holland
Manager of Customer Relations

Miriam Holsinger
VP of Business Intelligence & Operations

Brandon Houser
Senior Maintenance Manager
& Diesel Mechanic

Edwin Kibbons 
Customer Relations &
Data Process Coordinator

Connie Kight
Senior Fleet Manager

Jorge Martinez
Equipment Operator Supervisor

Michael McKee III
Manager of Human Resources 

Wambui Muiruri
Accounting & HR Coordinator

Lucy Mullany
Director of Policy & Advocacy

Amador Ocampo
Equipment Operator Supervisor

Kristin Poffenberger
Senior Vice President

Juventino Plata
MRF Line Supervisor

Marcela Ramirez
Senior MRF Manager

Ranson Reyes
Working Supervisor 

Donna Ricke
Lead Scale Operator

Andrew Rosengren
Working Supervisor

Carl Ringberg Jr 
Director of Fleet Operations  

George Schulze 
Customer Relations and
Equipment Coordinator

Jessica Sherman
Dispatch Manager

Cori Lee Skelly
Director of Accounting

Joanna Stone
Director of Customer Relations

Michael Stoick 
Customer Relations Coordinator 

Roger Thibodo
Recycling Equipment Manager

Kevin Wishon
Senior Materials Marketing Manager

Trey Wodele
Director of Communications